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Welcome to UberSoft

This website is owned by UberFoX it is used to house a few projects such as Spuntik the programming language being made by UberFoX.



If you wish to chat with us or visit our forum then go download Pitbull Pro and join our server at you can also choose to join with any compatible Hotline client.


A programming language created by UberFoX


Any games I make will be posted here unless it is too old and abandoned.


A remake of MartinSoft Pengo with loads of cool new stuff and even a map editor.


A client/server/tracker software that can be used to share files, chat and build a community.

Pitbull Pro

A modern remake for windows of the original Pitbull Pro (the best Hotline Client) from the old MacOS9 days with many new powerful features and many fixes such as ability to share files over 4GB in is size and Encryption

Pitbull Server

A Hotline compatible server with many advanced features including ability to host trackers and create custom commands and .htaccess style rule sets it also has encryption and fixes the 4GB limit of Hotline file view/download/upload (Needs a compatible client such as Pitbull Pro.

Pitbull Tracker

A Hotline compatible tracker with many advanced features.

Game Modding


uMod is a mod for Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 (Steam Edition).

It adds a number of improvements to the game, fixes bugs and is the current SDK under development.

It is far from finished but it is already pretty noteworthy.


uModTld is a mod for The Long Dark.

It adds a in-game console that can do all kinds of things even spawn items.

It adds many hotkeys for it's in-game trainer that lets you do all kinds of things such as enable/disable fly mode, heal yourself, repair items etc.

UModTld Homepage

Minecraft Mod : Equivalent Exchange 2 Remake

UberFoX is making a personal Minecraft mod that for now is kind of a remake of EE2 but it is not staying strictly to EE2 since many things are different from EE2. Such as items will have abilities they didnt have in EE2 the mod will not be available to download (If you want something to download and play go download ProjectE that is the current official EE2 remake). You can watch videos of the mod UberFoX is using the creation of this mod to learn Minecraft modding and become a good modder to evenutally do a really big project.

This mod is created by UberFoX for UberFoX with no help from anybody else.

Here are the current videos of the mod:

Here is a video of the 1.5.2 version of the mod:

Minecraft Mod : RedPower Remake


If you would like to support UberSoft feel free to donate here and thank you!.

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