Introducing UModTld!

A mod for The Long Dark by UberFoX & FINDarkside

* In-Game console with many commands
* In-Game hotkeys for doing various things (mostly cheats hehe)
* A jump key!! Yes you can finally "jump" in The Long Dark.
* Place items on walls, roofs, anywhere.
* Stack items ontop of each other.
* Easily rotate items while placing them down.
* Edit any settings/hotkeys using an easy to edit config file!.

Latest download ( 1.9 )
Note: If version number changes it is time for you to update...
Click here to download and begin using UModTld!

UModTld uses ModLoader by zeobviouslyfakeacc so here is how you install everything:
* First go here and download "ModLoaderInstaller.jar" and open it (double click and make sure Java 8 is installed)
* Now from GUI of "ModLoaderInstaller.jar" navigate to the The Long Dark "Managed" folder and select the DLL it wants you to and apply the patch
* Now go back to The Long Dark folder you will see a new "mods" folder extract UModTld's DLL and CONFIG file to that folder (Yes BOTH items)
* Go play!!! Also I recommend trying this mod too! Since it lets you see your location on region map!
* Enjoy!

(Old) UModTld 1.4 video:

(Old) UModTld 1.31 video:

(Old) Video demonstration of the cheat hotkeys:

(Old) Video of the console and item spawning (adding items to your inventory):

In-Game Hotkeys:
F1 = Fly Mode this lets you fly to any location then disable fly move and you can now move around at the new location as if you had walked there
F2 = Ghost Mode this lets you walk right up to any mob and they wont run away or attack you (they dont even see you)
F3 = Infinite Carry (Makes all items weight 0 kg)
F4 = Max Item Condition this makes all items be 100% condition also it repairs any broken items (including clothes/torches/flares)
also it puts the fuel on all lanterns to max as a bonus all these work even if the item is in a container it does not need to be on the player
F5 = Infinite Sprint lets you run forever with no problem
F6 = Make items to stop decaying over time but does not change their condition this is for people who dont want to *max condition* their items but do want to stop decaying of items over time
F7 = Max all skills
0 = Repair the selected item (one you clicked on in the inventory/clothing menus)
+ = Increase the item count of the selected item (inventory menu) such as changing matches from 10 to 11 and it increases ammo in a gun etc
also this will duplicate an item that does not have a stack count
- = Same as above but decrease instead of increase (inventory menu still)
Delete = Delete the selected item from the inventory menu
End = Bullet Time (slows game down enough to aim at wolfs/bears etc with bow/gun)
Home = Acccess the portable chest that works anywhere in game and across sandboxes/story (inventory sharing etc)
PageDown = Simulate tapping mouse twice (change amount in config file) during a wolf/bear struggle (makes it easier to win)
Control+PageUp = Convert any fire to a permanent fire (same as Grey Mothers) or stop it from being a permanent fire
Control+PageDown = Immediately end a wolf/bear struggle with the animal dead at your feet
Control+I = DeadAim (Gives a crosshair for the bow and stops it swaying)
Control+A = Aurora (force Aurora on even during daytime allowing torch etc to always work)
Control+B = Infinite burn time for Lantern/Flare/Torch (they never go out)
Control+W = Ice Walker (never fall in thin ice)
Control+H = Instantly heal the player of all damage (max condition) and removes all afflications including spraines/poison etc
Control+G = GodMode
Control+C = Autocrack a safe
Shift+PageUp = Simulate adding coal to current fire
Control+PageUp = Convert any fire to a permanent fire (same as Grey Mothers) or stop it from being a permanent fire
Control+B = Infinite burn time for Lantern/Flare/Torch (they never go out)
PageDown = Simulate xx mouse click(s) wolf/bear struggle (makes it easier to win)
Control+PageDown = Immediately end a wolf/bear struggle with the animal dead at your feet
Alt+NumPad0 = Spawn a Wolf
Alt+NumPad1 = Spawn a Stag
Alt+NumPad2 = Spawn a Rabbit
Alt+NumPad3 = Spawn a Bear
Alt+NumPad4 = Spawn a Moose
Alt+NumPad5 = Spawn a Wolf (Aurora)
Alt+NumPad6 = Spawn a Bear (Aurora)
Alt+NumPad7 = Spawn a Bear (Hunted Challenge)
Shift+NumPad0-9 = Save current location
Control+NumPad0-9 = Teleport to a saved location
Alt+S = Save the game
Spacebar = Jump in game

Item Stacking & Rotation:
Hold the AltKey Down to make items use vanilla placement useful for cooking pots etc.
Hold the ShiftKey Down and move the mouse while in item move mode to rotate fully.
Use mouse Wheel while in move mode to rotate horizonal.
Items can be stacked ontop of each other and placed on walls.

In-Game Console commands (use the \ key to bring up the console or shift + \ to bring up full screen console so you can see output):
clear --> Clear the console
about --> About this console and in-game trainer
help --> Show help on how to use the console
hotkeys --> List all hotkeys in the in-game trainer
additem --> Add an item to your inventory
itemlist --> Get a list of possible items
list --> List commands
heal --> Heal the player of all damage
repair --> Repair all items in your inventory
pos --> Get the player position
showpos --> Toggle showing the player position on screen
deadaim --> Toggle making the bow aiming easier
dump --> Dump some information about the game such items and spawnables
skills --> View and change skills
spawn --> Spawn a mob (Bear/Wolf etc or containers etc)
carry --> Modify your carry capacity
weather --> Change the weather
trust --> Change the Trust of NPCs
time --> Change the Time
timescale --> Change the TimeScale
wind --> Change the Wind
passtime --> Pass time
sleep --> Pass time in a magical nice warm bed (30'C warm boost)
airtemp --> Lock the air temperature
map --> Reveal the map
scene --> Teleport to a Scene (map)
afflict --> Trigger afflications (illnesses etc)
tp --> Teleport to position
feat --> Modify and Unlock Feats

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We hope you enjoy UModTld! as much as we enjoy making it.