Introducing Pitbull Server!

A program by Cheryl

* Highly feature packed
* Support for complex .htaccess style rule sets
* Support for setting and reading comments to files/folders (on Windows)
* Supports file listing, download and upload of files over 4GB in size if a client that supports it is being used such as Pitbull Pro
* Download and Upload folders of any size also supported (limited to 4GB if the client is not using Pitbull Pro)
* Define how chat templates to customize the style of your server
* Features a built-in Bot so messages to users from the server dont just appear like magic but rather are spoken by the bot
* Define your own custom Welcome chat and private messages which can include a wide array of variables such as $Name
* Define a News banner that will remain at the top of the News at times (no longer need to worry about the banner being lost!)
* Option to mask IPs in "Get User Info" for everybody or just for non-admins
* Option to show agreement
* Option to show a banner
* Powerful banning features with * wildcard support
* Ability to list on an infinite number of trackers with changes in real time no need to restart
* Can reset admin account if you lost priviledges or your password (can be done from server GUI only)
* Fully GUI based not a single file to edit in Notepad
* Can chat and interact with users at the Server GUI there is no need to login as a Client
* Supports Hotline Clients (Including all clones)
* Collects detailed logs you can view (all saved to file)
* Stores all accounts and configs etc in JSON so it is easy to read and manually edit also other programs can read it too!
* Automatic (if enabled) BinHexer for files uploaded from old Mac clients the resource fork and data fork will be converted into a .bin that can be extracted and used by any real mac!
* Create your own unique custom commands and plugins with an easy to use scripting language made by Cheryl that lets you do all kind of powerful and complex things in an easy to use and friendly language!
* Includes AES-256-bit Encryption with 4096-BIT RSA Public Key for full encryption on the primary socket and the file transfer socket for total and complete powerful encryption
* Fully Utf8 (Unicode)
* Unlimited Support
* Easy to install and use

Latest download ( 5.1.0 )
Click here to download and begin using Pitbull Server!
(If the version number above has changed you should probably download the new version we make big improvements all the time)

Required Runtime Libraries
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2010
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2015-2022
(These must be installed for Pitbull Server to work properly!)

Make sure to read the Readme.txt!

Remember Pitbull Server is BETA software and is not entirely finished yet but it is ready for general use please report any bugs to Cheryl or the DEV server.

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Here is a screen shot of the main window as you can see it can chat to users in real time

Here is a few screenshots of the properties window to show a how it looks

Encryption tab

We hope you enjoy Pitbull Server! as much as we enjoy making it.