Introducing Pitbull Pro!

A program by UberFoX

* Chat
* Private Chat
* Inline images (links ending in an image appear in chat)
* Fully Utf8 (Unicode)
* Nudges (Like the good old MSN days)
* Unlimited smileys (comes with over 2,170+) all smileys are easy to add/remove using standard .txt files for their config
* Can use animated Smileys (.gif etc) and comes with thousands of them
* Comes with a number of sets (you can define your own) that allow you to pick a set and automatically replace all :) etc smiley codes with the different codes of the given smiley set such as using Piggy smileys instead of default ones
* Smileys work on almost all messages, windows, chats, news everything
* Thouands of icons to choose from
* Includes a nice news explorer for easy reading articles
* Download and Upload folders of any size
* File sharing (no size limits)
* Has a very nice file browser that lets you explore folders and expand folders using a + button without having to open it if you wish also there is a lovely navigation bar to travel back to folders you have previously been in even if the folder is at a completely different location on the server
* Create custom [Tags] (similar to KDX) which be added to folders to change privileges for any/all user specified by the tag and give ownership of folders the tag system supports a wide array of features see screenshots below
* Admin features and tools to keep your server safe
* Join multiple servers (optoinally with different names/icon etc per server)
* Can join the same server many times with different names and icons etc
* Includes AES-256-bit Encryption with 4096-BIT RSA Public Key for full encryption on the primary socket and the file transfer socket for total and complete powerful encryption
* You can browse indexed servers offline using the handy .db explorer
* You can set a welcome message to automatically send to people that supports variables such as $Name
* Has a powerful account manager that lets you assign *groups* to accounts and auto select+edit all the accounts that use that group at once also band selection highlights all priviledges the accounts have in common and you add/remove from all at once
* Optionally log all your chats and server messages so you never lose anything
* Stores all settings and configs etc in JSON so it is easy to read and manually edit also other programs can read it too!
* Unlimited Support
* Easy to install and use

Latest download ( 4.1 )
Click here to download and begin using Pitbull Pro!
(If the version number above has changed you should probably download the new version we make big improvements all the time)

Make sure to read the Readme.txt!

Remember Pitbull Pro is BETA software and is not entirely finished yet but it is ready for general use please report any bugs to UberFoX or the DEV server.

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Here is a view of the main window while connected to a server showing the servers chat and user list etc

Here is a private chat showing the inline images and emoticons

Join itbull servers with ease

Save your favourite servers with login/pass to rejoin at a later date

Download/Upload and share files and build your communityA look at downloading a file

Disconnect or Ban annoying trolls with ease

Easily manage accounts on your server with band selection, multiple account modify and highlight stats they all have in common

Easily make new accounts and get a random pass if you wish

Style your name with thousands of icons

Or maybe use custom icons instead?

Post on message boards (of course smileys are supported)

Post on multi-threaded message boards with smileys

The article explorer that lets you popup articles and read them individuall you can use the 4 navigation buttons to move around in the topics without having to click on the articles to open them

Secure your connection from bad guys with powerful AES-256bit RSA-4096bit encryption!
See that padlock next to tab? It means secure connection

Encryption tab

Index servers and find files easily (Pitbull Server will index for you and send the index file to you so you dont need to index it)

Edit folder access information so you can decide how a folder behaves such as allowing people full admin powers over their own folder or just allowing people to upload to a specific folder or perhaps sharing a folder with multiple people

The folder access editor is very powerful and offers a wide array of features

Here is the privilege selector for a given rule (have as many rules as you like on a single tag)

Easily assign tags by right clicking on folders or while creating a new folder etc etc

We hope you enjoy Pitbull Pro! as much as we enjoy making it.