Introducing UberSoft Pengo!

A game by UberFoX

Due to friends demanding it Pengo is back on UberSoft.

Pengo is a fan made game and exists as a fan made non-profit and free game for people to enjoy Pengo if you enjoy Pengo you will like this game

We do stress this game is NOT an official Pengo game in any capacity and does not hold any copyrights over the Pengo brand/name or otherwise and exists until/less such copyright holders decide it should not exist

Until then we hope you enjoy the game and get plenty of fun from it since it was great fun making this game and we hope you like it.

Latest download ( 1.0 RC5 )
Click here to download and begin playing Pengo!
(If the version number above has changed you should probably download the new version we make big improvements all the time)

Make sure to read the Readme.txt!

Remember Pengo is Release Candidate software and is not entirely finished yet but it is ready for general use please report any bugs to UberFoX

This game may change significantly at any time it may even be renamed however in the mean time feel free to enjoy the game as is and let us know what you think of it.

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Here is a screen shot of the main window

Here is a screenshot of the options window where you can select a campaign to play etc

Here is a screenshot of the in-game map editor

Here is an in-game playing screenshot of the first level of the first campaign

Here is an in-game playing screenshot of the first level of the AiPengo campaign

*** Videos ***

None yet.

*** About ***

This game is a remake of the 1994 Amiga game Pengo made by MartinSoft (Martin Rebas).

This new version is created by UberFoX and it is written in C# using the Sputnik and FNA libraries (A remake of XNA!).

Sputnik is a programming language created by UberFoX and Pengo uses it for many things and will use it for scripting support at a later date.

It has pretty much everything the original game had and expands on that to include a large array of stuff it did not have.

It includes all the originals levels, monsters, powerups, menus, interfaces etc etc.

I always wanted to remake this wonderful little game on a modern system where I could add my own unique stuff to the game and that is what I have done here.

The goal was to copy the original 100% and expand upon it by add all the cool awesome stuff I always wanted such as new mobs, items, levels and of course a map editor and all this has been done.

I have tried to remake Pengo as perfect as I can as true to the original as possible but I did not have Pengo's source code so I had to make a lot of gusses and there may be differences with my version but trust me I did a good job im sure.

I have added a number of new features to the game most importantly I have added an in-game map editor that can be used to make campaigns and scenarios for this game to extend it's life and replayability.

The game has the ability to select which campaign you wish to play you may also create your own campaigns (It includes a number of premade campaigns see below).

You may create an infinite number of campaigns each one having up to 99 levels in it the game also comes with an Example campaign you may learn from to better understand how to create your own.

This version of pengo will serve as a faithful remake and help make sure Pengo is never lost to the sands of time and is no longer locked in an Amiga Emulator with no editor and running poorly etc.

Even though AiPengo is not technically part of the original Pengo it is Pengo and made by Martin Rebas and he considered it to be his Pengo 2 so it was necessary to include it's maps and Monster etc to make this Pengo remake as complete as possible.

*** Here are a list of stuff added that the original game does not have ***

* Added the ability to select a campaign to play so you are not locked to the games default levels.
* Added a password system where every so often you will be given a password to a world (top left corner) which can be entered into the option screen to skip to that level.
* You can edit/create levels and save/load them.
* You can edit the world while in-game clicking and placing stuff easily in a WYSIWYG view.
* You can create your own campaigns with up to 99 levels in them complete with intermission text/images and customized game over images/text.
* You can play all the Pengo Demo version levels.
* You can play all AiPengo levels.
* I have included the monster from AIPengo for use in your custom campaigns (It is also in the AiPengo campaign) this monster is pretty fun and has a very interesting AI also it speeds up as you progress through the levels.
* There is a new Pink ghost that uses the same AI as Blinky in PacMan in that it will always seek to lower the distance between itself and the player this will create a formiddable chase although the Ghost can also sometimes make a bad decision and take the wrong path.
* Pink ghost has been placed inside the pengo campaigns (demo and full).
* Added an options screen where various options can or will be set such as selecting a campaign you wish to play.
* Added a Gold ring powerup.
* Added a Purple ring powerup.

*** Here are a list of stuff it has been changed from the original game ***
* There will now only be one White ghost on the world at one time since I felt having more than one was rather unfair.
* The Green ghost will explore the maze instead of going in random directions like the original also it will chase a player who gets too close (approx 3 blocks) and continue the chase unless you can get far enough ahead.
* The Red ghost if trapped will plot a path to safety and travel to it (if possible) this differs from the original and may make reds even harder.
* Some Ghosts in some levels have been changed to make the level a bit harder.
* There is now a sound when you pick up the gems etc.
* There is a confirm quit before you leave the level to help against accidents.
* Changed the Red ring powerup to do something cool (It seemed to do nothing in original).
* Sarvebuk now gives twice the score when killed as the Polar Bear does.
* I'm sure there is many other changes but I cannot remember them all... just search around and find them!.
* I'm sure not all the rewards and spawn rates and what not will be perfect but it should be good enough.

*** How to play the game ***

Pengo is a maze-game. the maze is made up of blocks of ice, which you can push or melt. on each level there are up to several enemies. If an enemy catches you, you lose one life.

Your weapon against the enemies are the ice blocks; Push an ice block onto an enemy, and the enemy will be squashed (but it will re-appear after a while). If the level layout makes it possible, try to "trap" the enemies into small spaces; that will make it a piece of cake to squash them.

Generally, trying to limit the ways that the enemy can take (by pushing blocks to the right places) is a good tactic.

Learning the different movement patterns of the enemies is also essential; the Yellow ones are pretty easy to outsmart without understanding how they move, but the Red ones are professional escape artists, and are almost impossible to hit if you don't understand their "AI".

(Personally, I love the red ones; as they're the most intelligent enemies, it's a challenge to defeat them).

The aim of the main campaign (PengoFull) is to defeat the evil Sarvebuk who awaits you on level 64. So how do you get to the next level?

You do it by either:

1. Squashing all enemies on the level
2. Pushing the Ruby blocks together
(So that they form a line)
3. Getting a warp bonus

Method nr 1 is the most fun.

There are also lots of bonuses in the game, but i'll let you find out about them yourself (so as to not spoil the surprise).

*** Menu controls ***

"Enter" Will start the game.
"Escape" Will exit a screen.
"F1" Will begin the game as Pengo.
"F2" Will begin the game as Pengo and Penguina.
"F3" Will show the Credits screen.
"F4" Will show the Info screen.
"F5" Will show the Greetings screen.
"F6" Will show the Highscore screen.
"F7" Will show the Intro screen.
"F9" Will exit the game.
"F11" Will toggle full screen.
"M" Will turn the in-game music on/off.

*** In-game controls ***

You push/melt blocks with the fire button.

Fire button for Pengo is the Control key.
Fire button for Penguina is the Numpad5 key.

To move around as Pengo use the Arrow keys.
To move around as Penguina use the Numpad Arrow keys.

"Pause" Will pause the game.
"F8" Will make you (even both players) lose one life and restart the level.
"Escape" Will end the game and take you back to the menu.
"M" Will turn the in-game music on/off.

*** Test ****

I'm looking for people to test and find bugs and find features my game is doing incorrectly from original.

If you find any bugs please report them to me thanks.

*** Map Editor ***

The map editor can be used to create entire campaigns of up to 99 levels or just to edit/create a single level.

To enable the editor:
1. Load the game and go to main title screen
2. Hit F7 to go to options
3. Enter the password "iwanttofiddle" (without quotes)
4. This will enable the editor now when you start a new game you will be in edit mode and can begin creating a new map.

To disable the editor:
1. Go to options
2. Enter the password "stopfiddle" (without quotes)

Hotkeys for the editor are:
V Toggle brush edit size
B Toggle Edit Brush Type
S Save map
L Load map (Hold shift to pick a map number)
N Wipe the map clean
F6 Choose map size (doing so wipes the map) if you do this make sure to make all campaign maps the same size!
F7 Toggle Grid

Player spawn point editing
P Set Pengo spawn point
O Set Penguina spawn point

Mob spawn point editing
DELETE Delete a Monster spawn point
HOME Set Monster spawn point (places it at mouse cursor and lets you select Mob type)

Reward spawn point editing
DELETE Delete a Reward spawn point
INSERT Set Reward spawn point (places it at mouse cursor and lets you select Reward type)

Mouse Stuff
Left Place Tile
Right Delete Tile
Middle Copy Tile Type
Shift+Button Rapid drawing (hold button down and drag)
Control+Button Symmetrical drawing Left <-> Right
Alt+Button Symmetrical drawing Top <-> Bottom
Control+Alt+Button Symmetrical drawing all four corners

Warning - If you change the map size make sure to make all your campaign maps use the same size!.

Remember to be in window mode when using editor since save/load and other dalogs will cause problems otherwise.

To create a custom campaign take a look at the example campaign that comes with Pengo and learn from that.

To test your newly made map you will have to place it inside a new campaign then select the campaign at the options screen after disabling the editor.

The game does not support playing of *single* maps it actually wants full campaigns however a campaign can be made with just one level quite easily.

To do that make a folder in the PengoFolder/Levels directory called Test (or the name you want) so it is located at PengoFolder/Levels/Test then save the map as Level01.lvl inside the PengoFolder/Levels/Test so it is located at PengoFolder/Levels/Test/Level01.lvl then select the campaign from the options screen and play it. (For comparison the Pengo.exe should be located at PengoFolder/Pengo.exe)

*** Contact ***

My e-mail is:

We hope you enjoy UberSoft Pengo! as much as we enjoy making it.